The Mistequay Group|CV Joint Boot

Automotive] Design improvement of a CV Joint Boot to increase product life

Posted on Feb 14, 2020
・Product: CV Joint Boot
・Analysis Goal: Reproduce the structural failure of the CV joint boot and provide design guidance

The Mistequay Group, a manufacturer of Constant Velocity (CV) joints had a client who requested a half-shaft that could operate at an increased transmission angle, but the existing boot for the CV joint was already at its operating limit, exhibiting reduced product life at higher transmission angles. Traditional Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was not sufficient for modeling the flexible CV boot in motion because it undergoes complex nonlinear deformation during the combined rotation and bending of the CV joint, and it also makes contact with itself and potentially other half-shaft components during the motion. Because of this, the manufacturer decided to use RecurDyn (Multi Flexible Body Dynamics, or MFBD technology), successfully reproduced the structural failure, and obtained helpful design guidance.

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